Phantom cigarettes: The ’90s swag!

Phantom sweet cigarettes
Phantom sweet cigarettes

Inexplicable as it may appear, it is very difficult to imagine the joy and happiness behind getting a childhood obsession delivered at your doorstep, ofcourse at a price!

Remember those red-and-white packs with its cheesy graphic of Lee Falk’s legendary comic book character? Those mint candies, rolled up to resemble the real thing, one end of it coloured red to resemble a glowing tip. Yes! We are talking about Phantom sweet cigarettes!

There wouldn’t be any youngster in the ’90s who has not had their share of “smoke” with these “cigarettes”.

Posing jauntily with the “cigarette” dangling at an angle from the lips, the real fun was when an adult caught you in the act and looked disapprovingly — and then you candidly begin to chew the stick until it disappeared in your mouth!

Today a cult affair, it became a sensation then. These “cigarettes” suited Indian taste and gave a completely different mouth feel. These days, people sharing their stories on social media, surely relive the panache and a dash of vigour while “smoking” them.

Wondering how you would relive those moments? Search the online shopping sites for details. They cost Rs 6 a box containing 10 cigarettes. Hurry and order so that you can revive you childhood fetish and enjoy setting sugar on “fire” again!


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