The lost innocence of cartoons

Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry

It is true that nothing except change is constant, however, when the change happens in case of cartoons it is not only saddening but also dangerous as it comes with a lot of harmful ramifications on infant brains.Tom-and-Jerry-Cartoon-Wallpapers

Those days of Mickey Mouse’s running into adventures, Winnie the Pooh’s search for honey, the endless chase of Tom and Jerry, the inevitable encounter with fake ghosts of Scooby Doo and team or saving the day Flinstoneswith Powerpuff Girls seems to be long lost.

If you are a 90’s born and happen to have spent your childhood and youth among these cartoon characters then the pain to see them fade into oblivion is surely agonising. The cartoons, pre-millennium, were simple, innocent yet meaningful, just the way cartoons are meant to be. But the cartoons or rather the moving animated figures called cartoons of these days are disturbing and far from being innocent.

The naughtiest kid who tops the list and is behind the ill behaviour of several kids is the ugly looking Shinchan. Not going into the nuances of animation and strictly sticking to the imparted message, a stark difference is visible in the value system that the cartoShinchanons of this day want to impart. Earlier, no matter what, the good always won over the bad and here a naughty little brat goes around taking his family for a ride which was enough to affect a child’s brain but thanks to our broadcasters who topped it with atrocious translation in Hindi which results in Shinchan addressing his mother as the “moti aurat” (fat lady).

Irritable behavior, lack of concentration, thought problem, hallucination and the likes have creeped in to minors as young as five-years-olds. Talking to psychiatrists and counselors the above mentioned fact gets all the more consolidated when they cite a few examples like these: “Children always try to imitate what they see. So if the child is watching Dora or Shinchan it will get ramified through his/her behavior,” said Dr Renu Sharma, Child Psychologist, All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Some of the parents mMickey-mouse-image-hd-disneyight be asking at this point that what is the way out as media content cannot be controlled. This Dr Sharma answers in a beautiful way saying: “Media content cannot be controlled but your control over your child can be monitored only by you. Choosing the right content for your child is your responsibility. Limit a child’s sitting time in front of the TV and be more interactive.”

It is sad that the cartoons of this age have such serious side effects on a child’s brain and there is little we can do about it as it seems that the age of innocent creativity has seen the graves. The cartoon-makers might not be ready to change the content but it lies in our hand to keep our kids away from the menace of the not-so innocent cartoons.


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