A reader tells us why it was a sad Rath Yatra for him


Soumyodeep Sett

For many, the Rath Yatra is not at all about religion. For them the festival is of two days with a couple of days in between to simply enjoy some papad. However, a friend of The Perspective says this Rath Yatra was rather remorseful. His childhood days are long gone which he knows but what Soumyodeep Sett did not expect is that what he has enjoyed in his childhood days are slowly fading from the lives of the children of these days. Read why….


In my childhood days I remember pestering my father for a rath ( replica of a chariot) from at least a week ahead of Rath Yatra. What is preposterous to see these days is that kids are far from pestering their IMG-20160706-WA0003Ddads, they are not even seen on the streets pulling the raths.

This day in my childhood used to be a day when the rath had to be decorated with streamers and colour and of course some jui ful (jasmine). I used to ask my father to buy me a three-storeyed rath, the one in which there were one floor for each of the three deities.

After the decorations were done my dida (grandmother) used to give me a platefull of nokuldanas (sweet balls) and some dhoop kathis (inscence sticks). Dressed in one of my best attires I used to meet my other friends, who used to be ready with their raths and then go out in our para (society), to each house, asking for a few bucks, which never used to be used for buying anything for the deities but always used to be an addition to my pocket money.


Happy with my earning, I used to return to my house only to be greeted with some hot papads. This used to be Rath Yatra in those days. But what I saw this year was very saddening. Only a handful of children were out with their raths. No one came to our house asking for money and no one gave me even one nokuldana.

Then I decided to go out and hunt for a few, at least one or two, to quench my thirst and to forcefully make myself believe that nothing has changed in Kolkata. Things are right in their place and see I got some….. a few at least….. okay I accept,…. here’s what I got..


Soumyodeep Sett is a young globetrotter and often visits several countries and has told us that he will surely tell us stories about his tours around the world. A regular reader, Sett wanted to for now share his grief. But we will make sure he tells us more of his beautiful stories.


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