Dr Zakir Naik has been misunderstood: Source

Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik, an Indian Islamic preacher, also considered to be an authority on comparative religion has yet again stoked a controversy by saying “Every Muslim should be a terrorist”.

The habit of Dr Naik to come up with controversial comments seems not to have died down. On Osama, Dr Naik said that if Osama is terrorising enemies of Islam then I am with him. This very comment had raised several eyebrows and had drawn a lot of criticism.

This time again Dr Naik has said every Muslim should be a terrorist. However, sources close to Dr Naik told The Perspective that it is a misinterpretation and the context has been carefully kept away from media. The source adds: “His context has been misunderstood. What he wanted to say is in the lines of a thief considering a cop to be a terrorist. Thus, in that way, every Muslim should be a terrorist.”

Dr Naik in one of his speeches had said that he is with Osama which again had become controversial. However, many did not speak about the context in which he was saying the same. He said: “I do not know what Osama is doing but if he is killing the enemies of Islam then I am with him. It is our duty to check the facts because that is what the Quran asks us to do. I read a newspaper that says that the Talibans are very bad and are suppressing the women in Afghanistan and asking them not to come out of their houses. An American newspaper on the other hand said that the Talibans are sending the salaries of women in Afghanistan to their doorstep as they say that the world outside their houses is not safe.”

However, the source also says that Dr Naik is often entangled in controversies as he does not come out in front of the media and correct his statements and they come back to haunt him years after. “If only Naik saab comes out and clarifies what he means then it solves much of his problems.”

We do not which side of the story is true but it is imperative for Dr Naik to come up and clarify the same. From sources we have learnt that Dr Naik will hold a press conference in Mumbai on June 12 after coming back from Mecca. Till then, little can be done to save him from being criticised.


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