Hamilton wins, F1 lovers crib over damp race

Lewis Hamilti\on on the tracks. (Pic from https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/features/2016/7/six-key-questions-ahead-of-the-race-in-britain.html#)

If the Formula one race at Silverstone this afternoon taught us one thing then it is that Mercedes is the car to be in when it is dry. The only problem is that there is hardly any wet race.

We saw it at Monaco, we saw it again at Silverstone; Mercedes’ struggle in the wet with Nico Rosberg falling for it a lot more than Lewis Hamilton. For a man who wants to win the world championship, he has to improve his driving in the wet.

The lead Nico has built up this year will not be easy to repeat and if there is any year that he has an advantage in, then this is it.

Coming back to the race, after starting behind the safety car, Hamilton who started from pole took an easy lead from his teammate Nico Rosberg. With 10 cars jumping onto the intermediate tyres immediately, Sergio Perez and Force India found themselves in a good position.

The mistake by Pascal Wehrlien in the Manor helped the front runners as they pitted during the virtual safety car, losing no time at all.

Max Verstappen overtook Rosberg around the outside at Chapel on lap 16. This was because of a mistake Nico made while entering the corner. Thus, Max held onto the second position till lap 38 when Rosberg overtook him on the outside at Stowe.

Max has proved his mettle since he was promoted to Red Bull from Torro Rosso in Spain. Monaco was a blip, but Max has proved his worth ever since. With this podium, he has overtaken his father on podiums in F1.

Ferrari had quite an uneventful race and was never into a fight for the podium and that is not good news for the team. As we go forward, the tracks will suit the Red Bull car more and that may spell trouble for Ferrari. The maximum coverage the team got was when Vettel nearly lost the car at the first corner and Kimi found a long way around the first corner after missing the apex.

Towards the end, Nico suffered a gear box problem and the assistance he received from his engineer on the radio is under investigation. That is another ridiculous rule in F1 these days that drivers cannot be coached while they are driving but the team should be able to tell the drivers what to do when there is a problem with the car.

The most interesting part of the race was when the safety car was on the track and Hamilton nearly clipped the back of it, the same way he had clipped Rosberg on the last lap in Austria. Yes, the safety car is a Mercedes, someone needs to tell Lewis that Nico is not driving the safety car and he need not race it.


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