Are you okay with your kids boozing and smoking? Think again


Post globalisation, when what’s happening beyond the boundaries of the seven seas came to our doorstep, thanks to the advent of media, a penchant to imitate the Western culture crept in. This brought in a lot of goodness but also did it have a plethora of ramifications.

Many Indians were far from the idea of being party animals but the media taught us the ‘superficial richness’ in indulging into the party culture. Slowly, this became a tool to portray ones social status. Getting involved in parties, sloshed in drinks and dancing to the tunes of illogical beats became a regular affair for many. It is not unknown that parents want to give their children everything that is necessary in maintaining their social status and thus, they started exposing their children to this culture too. Psychologists say, this has a dangerous effect on a child’s brain.

drinks4An age where no Bollywood or Hollywood actor is not our idol, our parents are our role models. Anything done by them is correct and is the way life should be taken. Many parties have environments not meant for a minor. The clinking of wine glasses and the stench of cigarettes are inappropriate for a child and is not a new thing to say. But if it is done by our parents then there is nothing wrong in imitating the same.


It is also shocking to learn that a lot of parents too think that a little boozing or smoking by their kids is good and “chalta hai”. Dr Renu Sharma, Child Psychiatrist, All India Institute of Medical Sciences says: “I often receive patients whose parents feel that a little peg of vodka or gin is okay even for a child of 12 or 15. It is not whisky is what they tell me.”

Dr Sharma further tells us that this habit from a very tender age may result in making the child becoming a permanent addict and it is likely that the child will later on indulge in rave parties and the like as the taste in the young age turns into a habit at a later stage.

drinks1Talking to other psychologists on the effects that a child has after exposure to partying from a very young age, some say that a child’s personality development gets badly affected. He grows up seeing things which is not meant for him and his personality gets shaped in accordance to this exposure. A bad mouth, addiction to drugs and alcohol, irritable behaviour, violence and others become the few out of many adjectives to define a person who, in his early days, have been exposed to things not meant for his age. So before it’s too late, judiciously decide what exposure you will give to your kids. After all, no parent would like his child to grow up as an unpleasant person.


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