Dr Zakir Naik’s silence may prove costly for his followers

Zakir Naik

With the noose tightening around Dr Zakir Naik after probe agencies in India cracked down on some suspicious trails and Bangladesh banned him, it comes to notice that he has not only cancelled the skype conference he was supposed to address on July 12 from Mecca but also has he deferred his return to India.

Now, this might have two effects. One, with no comment from his side, people are becoming all the more suspicious of him. Second, and probably a more dangerous ramification is that his millions of followers run the risk of running into some kind of problem. With no confirmation or clarification on his speech, Dr Naik has made it all the more difficult for himself and his followers.

If by chance there is something unscrupulous found in his activities, and he keeps quiet, probably because he is angelic and wants to avoid problems or maybe because he is really at fault, his followers might find themselves in a mess. The amount of shares his peace talks see over the social media platforms clearly states his support base. His followers are ardent and believe in his words and thus spread the words through the most effective platforms to reach out to the masses.

The moment he is proved guilty, it is impending that a group of radicals will start shaming him on social media platforms and any voice of support will not only be suppressed but also will the voices run the risk of getting throttled. One can only hope that his followers who had supported him for his peace talks are not victimised on the grounds that they are his followers.

A follower of Dr Naik on condition of anonymity says: “I have already been taunted by my friends for having followed him all these years. He should come out and speak out or people like me will fall in a mess. Allah has asked us to be in support of the good till the last but now if he shies away it will be problematic for people like us.”

Just like this follower says, it is very important for Dr Naik to come out and face the media. Remember what Akshay Kumar as Krishna Vasudeva from Gokul in the movie Oh My God had told Kanji Lal Mehta (Paresh Rawal)? He had asked him to face media and clarify his stand. The same is the need of the hour not only for Dr Naik but also for his followers.

Zakir Naik 2
Dr Zakir Naik’s official Facebook page that shows more that 14 million followers

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