After ex-CBI chief Ranjit Sinha, will it be bigger names?

Ranjit sinha's role in the coalgate scam was nailed by the CBI's probe panel that said Sinha met the accused many times at his residence

The probe panel set up by the Supreme Court to scrutinise former CBI chief Ranjit Sinha’s visitor’s diary said on Tuesday that the diary prima facie seems to be genuine, the question that becomes all the more pertinent is whether Sinha did this all by himself or are there bigger names who played larger roles?

Ranjit Sinha’s role was found dubious when the coalgate scam was being probed and after the Supreme Court ordered to hand over his diary, he denied. The visitor’s diary now shows that Sinha had met the accused in person which raises question not only on his credibility but on the credibility of the CBI as well.

Joginder singhFormer CBI Director Joginder Singh to a news channel said that he does not want to comment on the issue but he made one thing very clear that there are certain times when political pressures are faced and also mentioned that he does not have the names of the political persons but he is definite of the roles of politicians.

However, in an obvious move, the counsel for Ranjit Sinha denied that the diary is genuine, in another way raising doubts on the credibility of the SC-appointed panel’s findings.

The coalgate scam had broken during the Congress regime and the fact is not unknown that the entire 10 years of governance was blotted with scams, each one coming out bigger than the earlier.

With the probe panel nailing in a way Sinha’s role, another question arises that if this is the state of our investigating agencies where the officials are gullible, then how can the common people rest assured and be confident that justice will be delivered to him?


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