The 90s generation: A brief throwback

90s' movie cassettes
90s’ movie cassettes

There was a time in the distant past when young carefree souls used to run around playgrounds, their eyes sparkling, their lips twisted into mischievous smiles, with the sky ringing with their cheerful laughter. There was a time when in order to look cool in front of their mates they used to suck on mint cigarettes. A time, when every Sunday morning meant finishing up all their studies ,so that they could sit in front of their television and watch the latest escapades of Mowgli in the Hindi dubbed version of the Jungle Book.

Shaktimaan posterA time when instead of Game of Thrones, the tune of Shaktimaan would be music to the ears of adolescent teens. A time when conversation happened face to face instead of through the mobile screens, where real emotion is often hidden under a flurry of emoticons. It was also the time when there was innocence in the word ‘love’. Today’s generation may be surprised or even flabbergasted when they hear about an entire generation bereft of smartphones, whiling away their time with each other just by talking and connecting emotionally. That generation did exist and till this day the memories of pen-fighting, sharing tiffin, playing football with a small plastic ball in the dusty school playground, the first crush in school are episodes still vividly etched in their memories.


Back then, television ads adopted a subtle and sweet approach, rather than the in-your-face but glitzy path they have taken in recent times. Times were simple and everything could be conveyed with just little gestures so much so that every jingle in those advertisements were memorized by the youth of the generation. This was a world, which did not have access to MP3 or MP4 but every household harboured little cassette racks filled with those of the latest films. Technology may have made life easier but has also taken away the little joys of life. Nothing in the world can come close to the feeling of a little child staring wide eyed at the television screen when a VHS tape of his favourite movie was played.

poppinsThings that were so easily available in the local grocery stores back then, have now faded into oblivion. Every kid of that generation was familiar with Poppins and Big Fun chewing gum which gave away cricket cards with them for free. These cards used to mean the world to the kids and to collect the rare cards was their sole goal. They strived hard for them and when, finally, those ever elusive cards made their way into their hands, their faces gleamed with joy. As we  look around and see the kids of this generation, those little joys that life has to offer seems missing from their faces.

big funIf the current generation could just look up from their cell phones and laptop screens, they’ll see the beautiful world inhabited by souls, each carrying a story to tell. The 90s generation did it and they turned out just fine.



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