When I fell in love with the Honda Navi

Honda Navi still

Neelanjan Chakraborty

I love two-wheelers even more than cars. Be it a scooter or a motorcycle, an Activa or the R1, I just love the way each decision matters.

When I first met the Navi at the Auto Expo, I was pretty impressed with what Honda had done. The bare minimum looks with the promise of a zippy drive had me hooked. Yes, too many though, it just looked odd. It looked tiny and short. So why did Honda make the Navi?

Honda sells more than two lakh Activas every month. It has outstripped the Hero Splendor even every single month this year. They are the market leaders by a huge margin and thus they could give their design team the creative license to make something functional yet new, something that did not go completely out of the books but was still fun to ride. Oh yes, she is a gem. The four days that I have spent with her were lovely. I could literally take her anywhere. Wiggling through tricky situations in traffic was a breeze and so was manoeuvring the bad roads. The Navi is light and though the rear suspension is set towards the hard side, the rider will not feel uncomfortable.

If we talk about the engine, it bears the same tried and tested mill as that of the Activa. It can be a bad boy in traffic but the moment you reach an empty stretch (I did so when I was travelling to Noida via the DND flyway), the engine goes out of breath.

Sadly though, that does not happen gracefully. One moment you are at 75 kmph and the very next moment you will hear the engine growl for mercy! The maximum I could touch on the speedo was 80 kmph.

That, however, should not be considered as a negative. The Navi was never meant to do speed runs. It aims to be a two-wheeler meant only for going through traffic. Put it in any of the traffic jams and she will help you find exits which you wouldn’t even have dreamt of.

So does it manage to be an ideal personal mobility solution in urban scenarios? Definitely. And it’s cheap too. At Rs 39,500 (ex-showroom, Delhi), it is way cheaper than Activa. That translates to roughly 42,000 green leaves with all taxes and registrations. Honda is also offering the Navi with several accessories to make it your own. So what are you waiting for?

Honda Navi motion



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