BJP following politics of disruption over Mann’s video?

Both Houses of Parliament witnessed a stormy session on Friday

It is said that if you stay with someone for a long time then you tend to imbibe his/her qualities, if not in its entirety, to a certain extent. This seems to be the problem with the Bharatiya Janata Party too in the Upper House of Parliament.

Till date, we knew that the Congress follows politics of disruption either to evade a discussion or to score brownie points. However, the BJP seems to be following its political opponents in the fight against AAP MP Bhagwant Mann. Yes, what Mann did is condemnable but the timing is even worse.

Bhagwant mannAt a time when the AAP is trying to gain grounds in Punjab, Mann’s live streaming of the security setup of Parliament easily pushes one point each to the Akali Dal, BJP and Congress. However, it seems that the BJP made it an agenda to raise the issue both in the Lower and Upper Houses and score some easy points in Punjab.

Correctly pointed out by Sitaram Yechury, that it is a serious concern but what was the Centre doing till date? “The Delhi Police is under the Central government, then why has there been no action till now?” asked Yechury in the Rajya Sabha.

Probably saying that the BJP is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill is a bit over the top but certain points need to be carefully looked into. Congress’ Anand Sharma in his Rajya Sabha speech, amid the uproar from each and every member of the House, pointed out: “Mann is a member of the Lok Sabha so why should there be a discussion in the Upper House about this?”

The uproar in both the Houses saw three adjournments on Friday with the Lok Sabha being discontinued till Monday after the second interruption.

Modi+kejriwalParliament seems to have become a circus ground that is a platform for political parties to score undue advantage against opponents. Discussion on important topics, things that really concern the common man are submerged in the shrill of our elected representatives that are so shallow that they do not have relevance for a common man walking just outside the Parliament complex.

With every other session of Parliament being wasted, the taxpayers of the country are being all the more fooled by their representatives who paint a brighter future in their election manifestoes but aim to fulfill their own political ambitions when elected. This habit needs to be stopped before it’s too late with politicians taken to task for each session that is wasted. With all sorts of fines and penalties for the common man, it is high time that our political leaders pay up for what they waste. After all, it is we who suffer the most and bear the brunt of our politicians’ idiosyncrasies.


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