25 powerful characters played by Uttam Kumar

On Arun Kumar Chottopadhyay, aka Uttam Kumar’s 36th death anniversary, The Perspective makes a humble effort to list a few of his unforgettable characters that still take back any Bengali filmbuff to the nostalgic days of the iconic actor’s greatest hits

Arindam Mukherjee in Nayak

Arindam Mukherjee in Nayak Uttam Kumar

Surya Kishor Ray Chowdhury in Sanyasi Raja

Sanyasi Raja

Antony Firingi, later as Antony Kabiyal in Antony Firingi

Antony firingi

Krishnendu in Saptapadi


Double role in Bhranti Bilash

Bhranti Bilash

Mr Satyasundar or Sata Bose in Chowringhee


Proshanto Kumar Roy/ Abhijit Chowdhury or Hridoy Horon in Deya Neya

Deya Neya

Abanish Sen in ChhadmabeshiChadmabeshi

Gouri Shankar Ray in Jhinder Bandi

Jhinder Bandi

Gagan in Ogo Bodhu Sundari

Ogo Bodhu Sundari

Rampriti in Share Chuattor

sare chuattor

Agniswar Mukherjee in Agniswar


Tinkari Haldar in Thana Theke Ashchi

Thana theke ashchi

Nitish Roy in Mouchak


Arun in Sagarika


Sukhen in Basu Paribar

basu paribar

Anango in Nishipadma

nishi padma

Kali Dutta in Dhanni Meye

Dhanni meye

Madhu in Amanush


Bhutnath in Shaheb Bibi Golam

saheb bibi golam

Alok Mukherjee in Harano Sur

harano sur

Byomkesh Bakshi in Chiriyakhana


Kirti in Agnipariksha


Mrinal Dutta in Dui Prithibi

dui prithibi

Utpal Chatterjee in Dui Bhai

dui bhai

We understand that when it comes to Uttam Kumar’s movies, no list is complete. We apologise beforehand if we have missed any character that you like. Let us know in the comment box below which other character played by Uttam Kumar mesmerises you more than the ones in this list. We would be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Protik Prokash Banerji says:

    Are Stri r jomidar babu? Tarpor Nidhiram Sardar? Dui Purush?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Perspective says:

      We understand that our readers want more and more and more when it comes to Uttam Kumar, thus the humble disclaimer below the post has been added. However, we hope some of the selections match your choice. Do keep reading https://theperspectivenews.wordpress.com/ for more and keep letting us know how you like the stories. Your views are precious for us. Happy Reading!


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