Chronicle of a death foretold


Arnab Mukerji

A 17-year-old boy dies. He bleeds to death on his way to hospital. How did it happen? No one knows though the gory incident happened in the evening at a birthday party of a girl in a high rise in one of the toniest localities of the city.

No one knows how the boy suffered injuries. Sources say he was writhing in pain at the parking lot and his friend had sped away in his SUV with another friend leaving him to die there.  It was the birthday girl’s father — a noted author and a columnist — who took the boy to hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

So, where are the lacunae? First, the boy had not been invited to the party at all. It was his friend who took him there and he left when matters got out of hand. What matter? No one knows as not a single eyewitness could be found. The only one who could have given a first-hand account of what had happened — the so-called friend — disappeared.

Aabesh Dasgupta's grieving mother appeals for justice
Aabesh Dasgupta’s grieving mother appeals for justice

Why? Was he responsible for his friend’s injuries? Thereby hangs a tale. The friend’s father, who happens to be both affluent and influential, jumps to his son’s rescue, using all his contacts to conjure up a different narrative altogether. He had to protect his only child as fingers had started pointing in his direction and questions like why he had left when his dear friend whom he had taken to the party in the first place was fighting for his life.

Police also got into the act claiming it was an accident. The boy had tripped over beer bottles that he had carried to the birthday party. Yes, because a beer bottle, broken and bloodstained, was found near the 17-year-old.

In a nutshell, the macabre incident has turned into a theatre of the absurd as the entire blame was being heaped on the poor boy for going to a birthday bash he had not been invited to. Alas! The boy cannot defend himself as rumour mills have gone on the overdrive, vilifying him for going astray as well as his mother for not putting him on a leash. Fortunately, the boy’s father does not have to suffer the ordeal as he has passed away just five months ago. Some have even said that this was waiting to happen.

So, no one killed the boy. He killed himself!

Schoolchildren pay their tributes to the departed soul
Schoolchildren pay their tributes to the departed soul

This article is from a person who knew Aabesh Dasgupta, a Class XII student, who was found lying in a pool of blood after attending the birthday party of noted author Amit Chaudhuri’s daughter in Kolkata.



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