Gau rakshaks – The ‘bhakshaks’ of India?

Vigilantism in the name of gau raksha has seen a lot of violence in the last few months

It is true that it’s not possible to appease everybody all the time but getting slammed as the Prime Minister of India that too for advocating something sane from people who are in line with his party’s unspoken and unaccepted ideologies is probably something new.

In his townhall address, PM Modi had, for the first time, spoken strongly against cow vigilantism. He expressed his views against those who proclaim themselves as ‘gau rakshaks’. But what we got to see after that was bizarre.

Vigilantism in the name of gau raksha has seen a lot of violence in the last few months
PM Modi at townhall meet

Ardent Hindu fringe groups slammed the PM for ‘hurting’ their sentiments. The so-called ‘rakshaks’ have gone to the extent of saying that his speech will cost him dearly not only in the upcoming UP polls but also in 2019. This, in a way, is taking the country for a ransom.



From all over the country, the extreme Hindu ideology bearers have rebuked Narendra Modi’s townhall speech which sounded quite logical for the rest of the country. If we analyse the reason behind the audacity of these cow vigilantes then it takes us to the question “How do they get the courage to come up with such opinions?”

If India has been reeling under a lot of problems then the rise in the cases of public vigilantism in the name of cow protection has just added more pressure to the list.

It is not a secret that many in the BJP had a wish to see the country as a Hindu State but the party in its latest stint has been attempting to sweep the dirt under the carpets and has been able to do so to some extent as well. Staunch Hindu ideologies fanned many dormant vigilantes across the country and the moment the BJP took to reins, these fringe elements thought it to be their license to spread their fangs again.

Vigilantism in the name of gau raksha has seen a lot of violence in the last few months

Vigilantism in the name of gau raksha has seen a lot of violence in the last few months. Some attribute it to the role of media, simply by saying that these incidents went unreported earlier and that this is an attempt to shame the government. But a few again laud the media for bringing forth the true picture of the country.

The country might well be split in two on the role of media but what is happening now, especially after the vigilante groups slammed the PM, is something extremely preposterous.


While the government is being applauded after Prime Minister Modi broke his silence on the issue, it is shameful that the government is being slammed by fringe elements. If Dr Zakir Naik’s speeches have been fanning extreme Islamic ideologies, then what are these indigenous Zakir Naiks in the garb of gau rakshaks doing?

It is time the government wakes from its slumber and teaches these Frankensteins a lesson to make them realise that a maker can also be the breaker. Born out of the advocacy of extreme Hindu ideologies, these cow protectors are no less a threat to the country and it is time they are reined in.


While saving an animal is applauded all over the globe, what these pseudo protectors of animals are doing is really scary. Moreover, why only cows? If the vigilantes are so interested in saving moving beings then why not save other animals? For that matter, doesn’t science teach us that human beings are animals too?

Is it only because of the milk production that will so-called be hit, the reason behind such violence? Footages have surfaced how these groups bash up innocent people who slaughter cows just to earn a living.

If you believe that what is your God is somebody else’s food and that is hurting your religious sentiments then in turn you are actually hurting the secular set-up of the country and that in turn is a greater threat to India as you (the gau rakshaks) are no less than those in our neighbouring country who fan religious sentiments to create unrest.


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