This author who makes us revisit our childhood days was born today

Enid Blyton answering children's letters 1952
Enid Blyton answering children’s letters in 1952

Unlike today’s fast paced, technologically advanced generation, when the kids of the 90s were growing up, they used to find their special companions in story books. If you ask any kid now, who Enid Blyton was, chances are that you will be treated to a rather quizzical look. But to the kids now turned adults, whose growing up years were formed while reading about the various escapades of the Famous Five and the Secret Seven, she was one of the most read authors of their times.

A few from the collection of Secret Seven books
A few from the collection of Secret Seven books

The looping scrawl in which her name is written on the covers of her works is instantly recognizable to anyone who spent their times going through the dusty bookshelves of their school libraries searching for the latest adventures of Noddy and his friends in Toyland.

Born on August 11, 1897, Blyton was one of the top bestselling authors of the early to the late nineties. There have hardly been children who weren’t whisked off into an imaginary world filled with magical creatures while reading her books. Such was the power of her writing.

Her career was, however, not without its fair share of controversy. It was alleged that she used to employ ghost writers to write for her due to the frequency of her releases, a charge that she denied.

The famous five
The famous five

Her writing style was simple yet effective enabling them to seep into the psyche of the young readers giving them the memories of stories well told as they slowly walked on the path to adulthood.

So, this year on her birthday, search the corners of your bookshelf which houses those that you read and loved as a child and pull out the dusty book of the Famous Five or the Secret Seven. With a mug of steaming coffee in your hand, sit by the window, looking out at the crimson sky and delve into the magical world Blyton had created for you.

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